MarTech in 2024

MarTech in 2024

A time for reflection

December is a time of analysis. We wonder what the next year – 2024 – will bring us. In today’s dynamic business environment, modern marketing strategies need to be created in order to succeed. The year 2024 brings new opportunities. The Dentsu advertising group forecasts a 3.2% increase in advertising spending in Poland, which gives us a value of more than PLN 338 million.

In this context, advertising agencies are becoming an extremely important business partner.


Trends or verification 

The end of the year is also a time when agencies outdo each other in identifying trends. However, I would like to focus your attention on another aspect. Let’s consider whether, in 2023, we have really taken advantage of all the opportunities and technologies available that affect the successful realisation of business goals.

Over the course of this year, we have implemented several changes that have helped us to achieve our objectives more effectively. Here are some points you should take care of in your campaigns as a principal.


  1. Using Big Data technology

The data that users leave behind comes from many sources. By combining these sources in one place, we gain the ability to create precise messages to a specific person or group of people. A better understanding of the customer results in a better outcome measured by the effectiveness of our advertising efforts. As a result, we have strictly personalised advertising messages. You will certainly read about personalisation in trends for 2024


  1. Google Analytics 4

Google forced us to migrate to a new version of Analytics this year.Everyone is probably already using the new views in this tool, but are you sure it is well configured? A major difference between Universal Analytics and GA4 is that we no longer have targets in the new tool. The configuration of reports had to be done anew, and not all reports have been transferred in the new view. It is worth checking that we are measuring the most key parameters. Google Analytics 4 also opens up new perspectives for data analysis based on machine learning and the use of artificial intelligence. If you are not making the most of the possibilities offered by GA4, it is worth taking advantage of the expertise of our specialists.


  1. Meta conversion API

Probably many of your campaigns are based on social media activities, and the most important of the channels is META. In recent years, many legal restrictions have been implemented in relation to tracking user behaviour. Less data means less effective advertising. Therefore, the Meta Conversion System API tool allows us to track conversions via the site server rather than the client’s browser. This allows us to increase the amount of data and accurately monitor user actions. There are several methods of configuring the Conversion API, so it is worth checking if you are already using this tool.


  1. Google BigQuery applications

The more data we have, the more difficult it is to interpret, so it is worth using off-the-shelf solutions such as Google’s BigQuery cloud service. This solution enables us to process data and integrate it into already used services such as Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine, Google Sheets, Google Looker Studio or Google Analytics. We create a comprehensive analytical system within a single platform. BigQuery supports the SQL query language, so no specialist programming knowledge is required.



In the 2024 marketing outlook, choosing an advertising agency becomes a key decision for the success of a business. It is worth considering whether your company is taking full advantage of the opportunities in the marketing market. At Media Maker, we don’t just analyse trends, we combine technology with marketing. If you are looking for creative and effective solutions, perhaps the end of the year is the time to review and reflect on your current strategy.



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