Keep scrolling – disappearing pagination

Keep scrolling – disappearing pagination

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Google constantly analyzes user behavior and then modifies its algorithm in search results based on that. Already since 2015, it has introduced an algorithm based on artificial intelligence (known as RankBrain), enabling it to better understand user intent.


Bye bye pagination

In October 2022, the Google team began testing changes to remove pagination (pagination) from search results in the mobile version. As of this year, users in Poland can also see it in selected desktop search results.

Older users will remember that paid positions in Google search used to occupy the first three places. Then paid positions gradually grew at the expense of organic ones. After the changes, scrolling down the page will see alternating paid and organic results.

Numerous studies show that in most cases only the first page is important to the user. The lack of paging for many Internet users may therefore go unnoticed.

Pages disappear, opportunities arise

The change Google is making is not insignificant in terms of traffic acquisition. A single page view and scrolling can spread traffic across more organic results. For SEO, there may be changes in the click-through rate (CTR), which affects the quality rating of the site.

As a whole, the changes should be viewed rather positively – we are freeing ourselves of the conventional “TOP10 search results” in favor of more results available without clicking on subsequent pages.

Promoting “at the top”

In the case of sponsored results, an unlimited number of paid search sections are created. We are already seeing increased interest in promoting in the top search results. Let’s remember that with this view, users automatically start scrolling, and this provides an opportunity to acquire leads from lower positions. This trend is noticeable in the campaigns we run and is used to increase the profitability of activities.


If you are interested in the topic of traffic acquisition with the current changes in Google, I invite you to contact me.

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