Good content vs. strainer

Good content vs. strainer

What do well-constructed content and a metal strainer for straining food have in common? They allow us to get rid of what is unnecessary and keep what we really care about. In the case of marketing, these are the consumer’s attention and interest in the product. Well-created content becomes crucial, especially when the product is not in the group of so-called fast sellers. The right content is also extremely important when targeting the B2B industry and when selling services. The more difficult the product to sell, the more important it is to have the right description, highlighting not only the characteristics, but above all the added value for the buyer.

Tell your story

Good content is able to educate, solve problems and provide information that customers are looking for. This creates stronger engagement and greater brand loyalty.

Content marketing allows brands to build their identity and narrative in a deeper way than is possible with even display advertising. Longer forms of content allow the brand’s story, values and mission to be presented, which can result in better familiarity and facilitate identification with the product.

Online content enhances conversion

A user’s conversion path begins in large part with learning about a product online. A credible article on a trusted site gives us a sense of security, which is important in the purchase decision. Content is often understood simply as an article, but video and audio content should also be considered. Our clients’ statistics prove that the time and money spent on producing audiovisual materials is a good investment.

Is content expensive, or lack thereof?

For some clients, creating high-quality content, such as expert articles, is associated with high prices. However, based on years of experience with publishers of thematic websites in various industries, we are able to find a well-matched offer, even with smaller budgets. We also help select the right ad formats for YouTube, as well as VOD platforms such as Player and CDA.

We use models tailored to the needs of the campaign, and select the right services, depending on the target group. It is worth asking yourself whether, in the long run, a lack of content activities will not cost the company more than a well-thought-out, long-term strategy.

Benefits in time

What distinguishes articles from standard advertising tools is their effect long after the campaign ends. The content remains on the site, and the “caloric value” of the lead, coming from well-crafted content to the landing page, is definitely higher. It is also worth mentioning here the value of do-follow links, which affect the position of our site in the search engine.

Investment in content-based campaigns, whether in the form of audio or video articles, builds image, allows you to reach your target audience with a deeper message than static display content. Properly set up analytical tools will also allow us to easily see tangible benefits in the form of conversions as well.

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