CES – the future of the tech industry is happening here

CES – the future of the tech industry is happening here

For more than 10 years we have been reading in the media that the coming year is supposed to be the year of mobile. I guess there has finally been a change, as we hear that 2024 in digital is the year of artificial intelligence. Probably many of you have read a lot of articles on this topic and it is difficult to surprise us with something new. I would like to interest you in an event that is worth keeping an eye on in terms of new technology, and we are talking about CES in Las Vegas

CES 2024

CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is the world’s largest trade fair for consumer electronics. The products and technologies on display there will influence trends in MarTech in the broadest sense. Between 9 and 12 January, major manufacturers presented their latest technology developments. During the many conferences, we saw the latest trends and new product launches.

Intelligent solutions

To a large extent, the fair focused on intelligent solutions applied to end-user products. We could see innovations such as:

  • The use of ChatGPT in Volkswagen cars – under the name IDA in electric cars,
  • AI in Samsung fridges so-called Image to Recipe – recipes suitable for your diet linked to what’s in your fridge,
  • LG presented “Zero Labour Home”, which makes it possible to minimise the work around the house (cleaning, security, air quality analysis, etc.),
  • Philips presented a door lock that recognises the occupant by scanning their hand.

AI Image Generation

An important development for the e-commerce industry was the unveiling of AI Image Generation technology. One of the forerunners in this field is Alibaba, which has developed a method of animating characters from photos into videos. The technology makes it possible to bring a still image to life. 

By turning static photos into dynamic, realistic videos, we can present products in an interesting and modern form.

How it works.

The technology is based on an advanced algorithm that analyses the structure of a photo, traces the movements of the characters and background, and then transforms them into fluid animations. As a result, the photos come to life, becoming memorable films. We can apply the solution when presenting our in-store offerings, giving products a new dimension.

Where can we apply AI Image Generation technology? For example, in a clothing offer, which will allow us to generate visuals in different colours, patterns or styles tailored to the taste of a particular customer. Clothing presented in motion can help to better understand the cut and cut. Toys visualised from photographs act on a child’s imagination. The technology can be applied to many categories.

The use of AI Image Generation in the presentation of an e-commerce offer opens up new possibilities, allowing online shops to communicate more attractively and effectively with customers. This tool can help build a positive brand image and increase sales conversions.

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