Alternatives to Google Analytics 4

Alternatives to Google Analytics 4

Analyzing user behavior on websites is crucial to business decision-making. One of the most popular and widespread analytical tools that helps website owners track and analyze traffic to their sites is Google Analytics (GA4). The current version of Google Analytics (GA4) has many critics. Its not very clear interface and extensive configuration options make the tool difficult to use for not very advanced users. However, there are many alternative analytics tools simpler to use, oger similar functions to those of GA4. Which alternative tools are worth looking at? Below are the most interesting ones:

Matomo (formerly Piwik)

Matomo, formerly known as Piwik, is an open source software that offers comprehensive website traffic tracking capabilities. One of Matomo’s biggest advantages is that the tool is installed on the software user’s server, which greatly increases data control and data storage security. Matomo Analytics has been programmed with privacy in mind, allowing configuration to comply with increasingly demanding regulations such as RODO, HIPAA, CCPA, LGPD and PECR. Aside from the cost of running the server and some add-ons included with the installation, the software is free. Matomo offers advanced features for data analysis, such as user behavior analysis, data segmentation, multidimensional reporting and more.

Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics is an advanced analytics platform that offers a wide range of tools for analyzing website traffic. One of the main advantages of Adobe Analytics is its integration with other Adobe tools, which enables comprehensive analysis of user activity data across different platforms. The platform also offers advanced features such as user segmentation, A/B testing and content personalization. Adobe Analytics has some interesting features – especially when it comes to tracking individual customers across multiple channels. This is done with Adobe Customer Journey Analytics, which can create a single customer view (SCV) by combining multiple sources of data about the same person, such as call center data, retail data, survey data, CRM data and web analytics data. Audience-wide data analysis in Adobe Analytics takes place on a dashboard called Analysis Workspace, which allows you to sort data by dimensions (e.g., country, acquisition channel), performance metrics and audience segments. It’s an accessible, easy-to-use system that simplifies many analytics activities, from big picture assessment to detailed exploration.


Fathom Analytics

Fathom Analytics is an analytics tool that provides simple and transparent analysis of website traffic. It is a relatively new tool that has gained popularity for its approach to user privacy and ease of use. It is the privacy of user data that Fathom puts first. The tool offers anonymous and aggregated data that is not used to create user profiles. As a result, there is no need to display cookie information or collect personal data. Fathom Analytics’ interface is very intuitive and easy to use. It allows users to quickly view important metrics, such as number of visits, unique visitors, average time on site, etc., without the need for complex configurations. Fathom is a lightweight analytics tool that does not overload websites. As a result, it provides a smooth user experience without unnecessary delay. Fathom Analytics offers the ability to host the tool in-house, which means users can store data on their own servers, increasing control over its security and privacy. Unlike some other analytics tools, Fathom does not offer real-time tracking. Instead, data is updated every few hours, which may not be suitable for certain types of web applications that require immediate information.


Piwik PRO

Piwik PRO is a developed and comprehensive analytics platform that offers advanced tools for monitoring website traffic, managing user data and ensuring compliance with privacy regulations. Despite its functional and aesthetic similarities to UA, PIWIK Pro differs significantly from both GA versions in terms of site visitor privacy. The platform has a robust, RODO-compliant cookie consent management system that allows users to add consent controls to their site. When a visitor hits the site, he or she is asked to consent to various types of data processing. PIWIK Pro collects certain types of data only when consent is given. The basic functionality of the package consists of three interconnected modules: Analytics, Tag Manager and Consent Manager. The fourth module, “Customer Data Platform,” is available to subscribers under a custom pricing plan. From an analytics user’s perspective, this platform is very similar to Universal Analytics (an older version of Google Analytics, which is gradually being replaced by GA4). In particular, PIWIK Pro’s navigation and data visualizations make it look like a UA clone.



Oribi is a tool designed for simplicity of use and focused on providing users with clear data on visitor behavior. The interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, allowing users to quickly understand the data being analyzed and generate reports. One of the main advantages of the tool is the ability to track website events without writing code. The tool offers a “Point & Click” feature that allows users to easily add and configure events without involving programmers. Oribi offers integrations with many popular marketing and CRM tools, allowing users to easily combine data from different sources and get a comprehensive picture of marketing activities.

Choosing the right analytics tool to monitor website traffic can be critical to business success. Google Analytics 4 is a popular choice, but there are a number of alternatives that offer a variety of features and may be more suitable for specific business needs. Whichever tool you choose, the key is to monitor the data regularly and use it to make informed decisions to optimize your online business.

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