X in Google Display Network

X in Google Display Network

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Social network X (formerly Twitter) has launched a series of initiatives to encourage advertisers to return to the platform.

In late September, X announced that it was to join Google’s advertising network.

Twitter had been running advertising efforts on its own platform for years. It seems that ad revenues were not in line with Elon Musk’s expectations because he decided to change his strategy.


Elon Musk not always successful

Twitter lost 50 percent of its total ad revenue in October 2022, according to Marketing-Beat. Also, data made available to the New York Times showed that 2023 revenue in the five weeks from April 1 to the first week of May fell 59 percent year-on-year.

Here are some marketing statistics about Twitter:

– 77% of Twitter users are more positive about brands,

– in the U.S. only 35% of companies use Twitter as a marketing tool, in Poland this value is even lower,

– In 2022, 10.96 million Polish users were expected to visit the service in Poland,

– data from the Digital Poland report “Social Media in Poland 2023” indicates that advertising on Twitter in Poland currently has a reach of about 4 million users.


X for boomers

Still, X is not the first choice for marketers. This is influenced by several factors.

Perhaps the most important is the perception among users that it is a medium for journalists and politicians. “Ordinary” users are much more often observers than content creators.


Benefits times X

A significant target group of advertisers on X can be people +35 years old. Advertisers looking for people in this age range should pay attention to this platform. The young have long since switched to TikTok and Instagram.

We are adding a new space using a single environment on Google, resulting in easier optimization of campaigns and, importantly, costs.

Initially, Google has ad formats available on the main Twitter channel of the so-called timeline. Over time, however, we can expect to expand these spaces to include ads in comments and search results.

We will keep an eye on the potential and possibilities this new solution offers. Fortunately, Google Ads allows us to exclude unwanted sites, so it will be easy to apply Twitter presence exclusions if it doesn’t work for us.

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