Facebook and Instagram with new feature 

Facebook and Instagram with new feature 

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We are seeing a steady, rapid development of technology based on artificial intelligence. In social media, this can lead to misinformation. That’s why Meta, after internal consultations, has taken users’ opinions into account and decided to introduce tags in posts and content that will be generated using AI. This will allow users to easily identify whether content has been generated by AI.

The said markings will cover platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Threads. 


New developments in content tagging 


Meta is actively working with partners to establish common technical standards that will allow users to more easily recognize AI-generated content. This initiative aims to implement mechanisms to signal that a post on Instagram, Facebook or Threads has been created using AI. Work on this functionality is already so advanced that we will already see the effect in production from May 2024.

The tags will use Meta’s own algorithms and the help of Big Tech. However, the service does not specify how exactly this will work. From the information we have, it seems that a special team of verifiers will also be established, meaning that a human factor will be introduced into the process. This means that Meta does not want to remove all artificial intelligence-generated content in its entirety. The option is expected to appear in all languages supported by Meta platforms in the coming months. Content is to be labeled with the notation “Made with AI.” 


Transparency of content 


An important aspect is to ensure the transparency of content generated by artificial intelligence. Therefore, images created with the help of AI are expected to display hidden watermarks in addition to tags, as well as metadata embedded in image files. Double tagging is not only intended to inform users, but will also help other platforms identify AI content. There will also be contextual information to counteract user confusion. The X platform already uses a similar solution.


AI labels for video and audio


Another improvement coming soon will be a feature that will allow the user to be informed about video and audio content when other users use artificial intelligence to produce their content. Meta will then apply a special label to such content. This applies to content that has been digitally created and modified by AI. Sometimes such content confuses users, so Meta reserves the right to add more prominent labels to provide users with access to a broader context.


The future with AI


The unification of AI content labeling shows how much this technology is impacting social networks. Sites centered around Meta are just a few of the platforms that have recently been flooded with AI-generated content. The changes described are intended to provide users with greater transparency and trust in the content they publish.

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